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 Mr. Jeff Speakman was approached by a major talent agency in Los Angeles with the concept of developing a reality show based upon his martial arts and his teachings of Kenpo 5.0. Lacking a clear direction from the talent agency, it has not come to fruition yet. We put together this sizzle reel with Mr. Speakman as a template for how we see the development and legacy that his training has instilled in all of his students globally. This show needs to become a reality! What do you think? Produced by Dana Mennie, Julie Snider, and Darius Siwek. Copyright 2015 Moon Street Films.

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Coming up on October 24th we have one of our big JSK Kenpo 5.0 tournaments in Oak Hills. This tournament is put on by Mr. Dan Pribble annually, however this year the tournament will NOT be up the mountain in Lake Arrowhead and instead will take place close by at the Oak Hills High School in Oak Hills CA.

We hope that with this change of venue we will now have all/most of our students participate in the tournament to gain some invaluable experience, meet new and old friends from other Jeff Speakman schools and of course give our support to Mr. Dan Pribble and his students.

Please open the attachment to view all of the details as well as the registration form. THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR!! Be sure to sign up and pay by the listed deadlines. LAST DAY TO SIGN UP AND PAY IS OCTOBER 16TH!

Students will begin practice for the tournament immediately after their test in September.

We hope that every one of our students will make this tournament a high priority and strive to attend with their families. Remember that each and every member of your family represents the Pasadena School and their Sensei’s as well as Master Jeff Speakman.



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Hello All, Great job and congratulations to everyone who competed in the Long Beach International Tournament this past weekend. Below is a link to the video of Sensei Anto’s competition in forms.


Look at 2 hours mark for Sensei Anto's Overall Grand Champion Competition Look at 2:27 for the Ed Parkers American Kenpo Dream Team and Sensei Anto's demonstration Sensei Anto won Grand Champion of American Kenpo Foms and was awarded a $500 cash prize. Kial Schweitzer won 2nd place in Self Defense, great job! 5.0 Fighting divisions were a great success! Respectfully, Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0 Pasadena 1614 E. Washington Blvd. Tel: (626) 794-1700 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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