Parking Rules

  1. DO NOT COME INTO THE PARKING LOT WHEN IT IS FULL. Please park outside to drop off or pick up your child if lot is full (look at the lot before pulling in, if it looks full please find alternate parking.)
  2. Even if lot is empty, PLEASE DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD. (This causes lots of traffic when other cars come into the lot behind you.)
  3. PLEASE DO NOT BACK OUT OF THE PARKING LOT IN REVERSE. (This is dangerous to pedestrians, other oncoming cars, and also yourself.)
  4. DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD AT THE DRIVEWAY, but pull in all the way and into a parking space to drop off or pick up. (We cannot have cars blocking the driveway as other cars are trying to come into the lot. This creates traffic on the main street and is dangerous.)
  5. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND EXTRA CAREFUL in and around the studio parking lot. Please remember there are small children present at all times!
  6. PLEASE DO NOT PARK AT THE GAS STATION NEXT DOOR! (They will tow your car)

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We hope that in the future we will not need to reiterate these rules.